screaming ice

Not too long ago there was snow all over the place, my place too. The sun was a rare thing the last quarter and due to that, neither I or my camera wanted to get fresh air, until that day. The day when the snow was slowly melting and you could almost hear the ice screaming for survival, THEN I put on some glowes and hit the woods together with dad and my dusty camera.




/ Therese



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Something old

I would like to share some older pictures with you guys.

Unfortunatly are they not originals due to the sad sad fact that my old computer is on an never ending vacation. A bit rude I think but hey, I understand him, I poured a whole bottle of coke in his face, no wonder he’s pissed.

Let me know what you think babes!



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I’m back!

A bit different perhaps but still, I’m back! I hope that all my readers have found their way back and I welcome new ones.


Hugs and kisses…

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